Brought to you by the creators of The Vintage 15 Big Band, meet The AUSTIN NINES.


Say hello to The AUSTIN NINES - Texas' hottest dance band! Created in early 2013 from its award-winning sister band, The Vintage 15 Big Band, The AUSTIN NINES has fused the sound and energy of a live band with the non-stop, back-to-back style of a DJ.  With music covering everything from jazz, swing, 70's, Motown, funk, classic rock, 80s hits and today's current pop, The AUSTIN NINES brings the life of the party to your wedding reception, corporate event, birthday bash, or fundraiser.

The band features dynamic male and female vocalist Mikaela Kahn and James Robinson from THE VOICE, as well as full rhythm section (electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboard) comprised of top-notch musicians from major cities across the country.  For that extra "oomph," trumpet, trombone and saxophone are added to the lineup, bringing a huge sound to a larger event. 

The AUSTIN NINES features one of the top entertainers and frontmen straight from Chicago - David Young, trumpeter and bandleader, who puts together a show that will leave you begging for more!  





David Young